Email Marketing

Being one of the most effective online marketing tactics, email marketing brings forth multiple doors to open, each having a benefit on the other side—all while being cost-effective.

Practical for Businesses

85% of U.S. retailers consider email marketing as one of the best customer acquisition tactics. Email marketing is a versatile way to quickly reach consumers. Even with social media marketing on the rise, for 10 years in a row, email marketing is still generating the highest ROI for marketers.

Measurable Results

We track your email marketing campaign tenaciously. We are able to see who opened your emails, which links were clicked, and truly monitor the impact it made. We use this information to improve effectiveness so that your email marketing campaign is a success.

Building Trust and Relationships

Email Marketing is also a great way to keep the community you've built in the loop. Whether you update people on your new services or just want to provide them with relevant industry news, you are keeping your brand in their thoughts and building rapport along the way.


The beautiful thing about email marketing is that you are able to lead people to direct action. With our expertise, you can send customizable emails that are tailored to your audience's habits, likes, dislikes, and behaviors. They will take interest and follow it back to that new deal, event page, or content that you want them to act on.


Abandoned Cart, Product Reviews, and Reminders for E-Commerce Sites

  • Sending product reviews along with an abandoned cart reminder gives more credibility to your product and can be the confidence boost someone needs to pull the trigger on their purchase.

  • Abandoned shopping cart rates are shockingly high at over 75% and some industries even experience rates as high as 83.6%.

  • Send out automated abandoned cart reminder emails to help close the gap on potentially lost revenue.

Drip Campaigns

Being the underdog of email marketing campaigns, drip email marketing isn’t utilized enough by most businesses and agencies. It is incredibly effective for nurturing prospects, driving traffic back to your website, and staying present in the minds of those that have had some point of contact with you. Drip email marketing campaigns are automated to send out a series of emails over a certain amount of time, based on an action that the user has performed. An example would be an abandoned cart reminder, sending similar product suggestions to people that have already purchased a product, or a series of event reminders that prompt an attendee to invite their friends—the possibilities are endless and the benefits are monumental.


Transactional Emails

Whenever we make new accounts, buy a product, sign up for a service, or carry out other actions on a website, we are oftentimes followed up with an email confirmation. This gives us a reference point. We feel acknowledged, and appreciated for it. Transactional emails can come from many actions. These examples have a significant impact on customer relations:

  • Purchase confirmation email
  • Security and account alert email
  • Shipping notification email
  • User invitation and share email
  • Password reset email
  • Account creation and activation email
  • Welcome email