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What Exactly Is SEO?

What can I expect?

Individually tailored to your business and needs, you can take advantage of a wide range of services to boost your SEO rank. Your dedicated SEO team has many years of experience only doing SEO work. They are the best of the best! Below is information on all that we can do for your company.

Link Portfolio Development

Business Directory Submissions

We submit your website to live digital directories that are built to promote businesses online. Consumers frequent these sites when they’re looking for services. Additionally, search engines index directory sites to determine which websites are actively being promoted.

Article Engagement

We search the web for sites with content in industries similar to yours and join in the conversation. These comments insert you and your brand into relevant conversations all over the web, build your overall online presence, and increase your link diversity.

Website Bookmarking

We submit your business information to bookmarking sites like Reddit, which create live links that direct back to your website. Search engines use bookmarking sites to determine what content people like enough to share with their friends. This gives you more opportunities to be seen.

Offsite Link Building

Link building is the steady, ongoing process of producing and promoting quality content that people like, share, and link back to over a long period of time. This is one of the best ways to ensure constant growth in an online footprint. We promote your business and content across the web on industry and regional websites, blogs, directories, social bookmarking sites, business profile sites, and more.


Relevance refers to the content of a website and the code behind the scenes. Building relevance means optimizing the code and making sure that the content on your website gives an accurate representation of your business or brand.


Trust refers to how many other sites on the internet link back to your website. If many high-quality sites lead back to it, the Google algorithm will start to trust it more. Then, you’ll move up in the rankings!

Website Optimization

We clear your website of any existing errors or broken elements that are preventing you from achieving better rankings

Site Cleanup
- 301 Redirect Mapping and Implementation
- Excess H1 Tag Removal
- Nofollow Tags Insertion
- Site Speed Optimization
- Login Credential Testing
- Onsite Broken Link Repair
Site-Wide Code Enhancements
- Schema Tag Implementation
- Canonical Domain Implementation
- Canonical Tag Implementation
- Robots.txt File Installation
- XML Sitemap Creation
- Mobile Speed Optimization

Keyword Optimization

Business and Industry Research

An SEO expert will conduct research on your business, customers, industry, and region to make sure that the keywords we select are perfectly targeted to get the best traffic for you.

Four-Stage Keyword Quality Vetting

Once potential keywords are identified, we run them through the most rigorous vetting in the industry. Our four-stage process measures keyword strength by competition, cost, search volume, and the current rankings of your website. Once we get the words that score best, they are assigned to your campaign!

Keyword Page Content Enhancements

- Integrate Keywords
- Keyword Page Readability

Onsite Edit Recommendations Audit

A member of the SEO team conducts an in-depth audit of your keyword pages and identifies changes that are needed to get you ranking. After that, a PDF will be sent to you regarding the suggested changes.

Keyword Page Selection

An SEO expert will conduct an in-depth review of your website to identify pages that will match the keywords we’ve chosen for your campaign. This drastically speeds up the process of getting you ranked.

Keyword Page Code Enhancements

- Create New Title and H1 Tags
- Create New Image Alt Tags
- Create New Meta Descriptions

Business Profile Development

To make sure that Google knows your business is active and legitimate, our SEO team will create and maintain up-to-date profiles for you on trusted online business directories.

  • Local Business Citations Submissions
  • Classified Business Listing Submission
  • Google & Bing Local Profile Creation
  • Google Maps Integration
Plus laptop device

Custom Content Creation

Posting great content regularly is one of the best things you can do to get ranked by Google and keep potential customers interested in your business. We create high-quality content that will keep your website up-to-date and at the top of the rankings.

Onsite Content Creation

Our team of professional writers are available to create useful, unique content for your website that engages readers and improves their search engine ranking.

Onsite Blog Post

Our team of experienced content writers will research your business and industry to create compelling, topical blog posts that will be uploaded to your site. These posts will help increase traffic, generate organic backlinks, and establish an online presence that will convert to sales.


Advanced Reporting with UDG

We go above and beyond to provide you with state of the art tools to show you all that we have done on your SEO campaign. We’re transparent. We give you the actual data through extensive reporting.

Reporting Dashboard

LaunchPad comes equipped with robust dashboards that provide you with a real-time view of your campaign’s progress. You can see everything from keyword rankings, to work we have completed, to traffic analytics, and more.

Keyword Ranking & Traffic Reporting

Every campaign benefits from useful, easy-to-understand reports that are updated in real-time. Reports let you track rankings, traffic, and overall progress all in one place.

Halo Keyword Reporting

When we help increase your rankings for your chosen keywords, you will also see improvement in rankings for related keywords that aren’t the primary focus of your campaign. These keywords increase the outreach of your brand across the internet and bring in new business. As part of our reporting, we also track these halo keywords so you can see your overall reach online.

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